Mockup – Business Card on Table – Bi-fold

Mockup - Business Card on Table - BifoldWooden background behind bi-fold of containing my business cards. Mockup of what a printed deliverable would look like in real life.

Source file is Photoshop PSD  containing two areas where content can be edited as PSB files.

Edit PSB source to contain graphic you wish to display. Background is also easy to change.

Two other examples shown with different backgrounds and images.

Mockup - Business Card Bi-Fold 2
Mockup Bi-fold


HaunFontV1 at

Font I created in the likeness of my terrible handwriting. Software provided a grid to print out. Then each character is written in the appropriate box. Then the finished paper is scanned. The software will then turn the scanned paper into a font. It took several attempts to get it “good enough”.

Not my best work but… I have my own font. Do you? 🙂


Also available as WebFont at

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